Market Share is the piece of action that you occupy or frankly, don’t. It’s how much of the market you have secured as your own and it can also determine what more needs to happen for you to get there. It tells you who have selected your brand over similar options in your region or market. An increase in market share allows an organization to increase its operations and improve profitability. Market share is a measurable metric that allows you to monitor your growth, outreach and visibility in the market. Here is where MarketSharePR comes in.

Everyone wants a bigger, better slice of this pie and MarketSharePR strategically positions you in front of larger, better targeted audiences, providing you the opportunity to take a bite out of your industry. MarketSharePR’s services are purposely designed to provide measurable success and improvement in your areas of need.


Our client service philosophy begins with the relationships we cultivate with our clients and network. We believe our role is to lighten our client’s load by performing tasks that are intuitive to our team so our client can focus on running their core business. With each touch of communication, our clients have confidence that we are an integral part of the team. As we transfer deliverables, provide expertise and follow up, we do so with a lickity-split reply time and in a comprehensive but not overwhelming manner. Our clients’ experience ranks number one on our priority list. From our high quality services and professional collateral to our logistically thorough coordination of events and appointments, our service remains an unparalleled execution of your vision.


Over the years, MarketSharePR has worked with many non-profit and for-profit businesses in the public and private sector. We deliver a product and service in an industry that is often little known to our clients.

Our specialty is helping our clients communicate their project, idea, service or product to the right audience. We work on an hourly, monthly or project basis, offering the most flexibility based upon clients needs.