What is public relations? What’s a boosted post? What does “influencer” mean?

We try not to talk fast, but hey, we’re excited! Get in the know by learning the terms we frequently use and what they actually mean.

Engagement – We get your audience to interact with you. Through a comment on your Facebook ad or a phone call or even a click to your website, it’s our job to help your audience “engage” with you.

Community Outreach – Building those relationships in your neighborhood, city or region helps spread awareness of your brand or project. This may mean attending an event as a representative of your organization, networking or joining professional organizations. The better your audience knows who and what you are and your passion behind the project, the more they’ll trust you, translating to referrals, new clients and repeat clientele!

Influencer – These are the folks you see on social media or blogs who have a large following in a certain industry that can relate to you! We don’t mean tummy teas, but we do mean a whole lot of exposure for you if we connect you with the right influencer to validate your brand!

Strategic Communications – This means no guesswork. Our staff deliberately and carefully researches, plans out, writes and edits a formula for you to meet your goals. This could include a timeline, collateral and/or advertising packaged together in a single campaign in order to redeem some serious results.

Public Relations – PR is so much more than marketing and advertising. PR tells your story, crafts your narrative and clarifies your mission to your audience. PR builds relationships between your organization, your audience and your community. PR develops the word on the street and directs how your audience would think of you. We’re in the business of spreading good rumors!