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Should I advertise? Where should I advertise? For how long?

We coordinate branding, messaging and magic with our ad contacts, bringing you the highest viewership and readership under the brightest spotlight. We serve as media buyer, securing your placement with magazines, online presence, movie theaters, billboards and the always-effective influencers.


Is my brand on the right track? How would I know?

Branding is so much more than your logo. It’s the five senses that connect to your audience.

We bring your vision to life by telling your story the way it was meant to be told. Through careful strategy, development and execution on all fronts, we help you deliver big on your promise to the market. Communicating who you are, what you do and why you do it, illustrates your brand. Is it time for a re-branding? Trust us to transform your image, realign your messaging and communicate to your market share how you are bigger and better than ever before.


I need help but don’t know where to turn or the questions to ask!

From conception to execution, we deliver an event to surpass all expectations. We provide content development, vendor recommendations, theme concepts that align with your vision, messaging and branding to ensure interest and a rolling thunder approach to targeted advertising that will pack the house.


My neighbor’s friend’s cousin can do it for free, will that work? Or, there are apps for that. I’ll figure it out.

We’ve heard it all but nothing can substitute a clear message, skillfully designed graphics, or the opportunity to share your input with a professional who can develop a piece of collateral that embodies your branding and messaging. From developing complete websites, logos, brochures, social media graphics, advertisements, signage and reports to coordinating affordable and fast printing, you’ll never find a more impressive way to illustrate who you are.


I know someone!

Yes, we do too! A lot of influencers, in fact. We take any event or announcement you have and develop an angle to interest your target audience. We coordinate the report, oversee the message and provide value that’s likely far better you can do on your own. Broadcast, print and influencers deliver the corners of the market you thought were too slippery to catch.


I have soooo much to say!

Yes, but we don’t have the luxury of time! Messaging needs to be succinct and relatable so others can understand the value you bring. Don’t let your audience second guess you; give them the transparency and authenticity that secures loyalty and investment. We will craft your message through every single channel, web page, piece of marketing collateral and social media page to ensure a cohesive, singular message.


What you say, and how you say it, MATTERS.

Annual reports, news advisories, brochures, contributed articles. It all matters. Whether you’re submitting something to the media or posting to social media, your message must be professional and concise to be taken seriously. Give us your thoughts and ideas and let us craft them into something that will actually get read and make an impact.


It puts the control in your hands. Or does it?

This moving target is the present and future of your connection to your audience. We develop comprehensive campaigns, manage sustained activity, improve followers’ likes and engagement and provide our hottest tips and tricks for conveying an authentic message and increasing your market share.


MarketSharePR is a comprehensive public relations agency located in Downtown Roseville. We help clients strategically position their organization, project, business and even themselves in front of key audiences to secure their share of the market.


We are a team of communication strategists who elevate and bring awareness to what’s important to our clients. Whether your business would benefit from expertise in the area of public relations, branding, advocacy, media buying, website development or graphic design, we can help you become a better positioned organization.


Time is our most powerful resource. Let us help guide you through a complex marketplace to save you time and investment. As a one stop shop for all of your communication needs, we become the perfect fit for you to accomplish your goals however big or small they may be.

Meet the MarketSharePR team!


Krista Bernasconi
Krista Bernasconi
Owner & Principal
Allyson Wyles
Allyson Wyles
Client Services Director
Kayla Scott
Kayla Scott
Client Services Director
Karen Ruggiero
Karen Ruggiero
Web Developer
Selma Arney
Selma Arney
Art Director

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